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      Hangzhou Kaixun Rubber and Plastic Co.,Ltd
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      Contact Us

      Tel: +86-571-85025272
      Fax: +86-571-85025279
      E-mail: sales@kaixun-rubber.com
      Add: No.38 Xiangyuan Road,Gongshu district,HangZhou City,Zhejiang Province,P.R China,310015
      QQ: 1395604416

      About Us

      Hangzhou Kaixun Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd was established in 2006,which is a professional rubber products and plastic products manufacturer, we were certified with ISO9001:2008 system since 2010, our capabilities including designing,producing and exporting various types of molded compression rubber products,injection rubber/plastic products and extrusion rubber/plastic products,as well as standard rubber products,such as threaded rubber shock absorber and silicone masking series.
      We are using Natural rubber,EPDM,SBR,NBR and CR materials for rubber products.We do also involve in other special rubber materials such as Silicone rubber and Fluorin rubber(Dupont Viton).
      Our products as a good solusion to fulfil oil-resistance,alkali-resistance,water-proof,insulation,conductive and anti- slipping.Plastic products line is our another main domain,we produce molded plastic parts from material ABS,PP,PC,POM and PE,etc.
      We have advanced staffs and engineers persistently supplying our clients the competitive price, preminent quality and considerate after-sale services. Our sales network extend to more than 15 countries covering South East Asia, North America, Europe and other regions throughout the world.
      Worldwide importers, wholesalers, distributors are welcome to discuss long-term partnership. Your gracious comments will be our freshing motivation and encouragement to driving us to be top supplier in this line.

      online service

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